こんなに音楽が好きになったのは、BUMP OF CHICKENがきっかけです。







Do you know BUMP OF CHICKEN?

Their songs are so heart warming and cool.

The one of their attractions are lyrics.

Therefore, I wanted to convey their beautiful words to people who don’t know Japanese.

I wish my translation helps someone.


I’m sure maybe it’s OK. I knew where it hurts.

If I can pick up my own tears, I will change to magic someday.

I just forgot a little, and it was very long

When there is no sun, it will be created in the world with crayons

Kind that we did not find for friend of justice

I have to go looking for that voice that kept calling

Though it couldn’t become a sigh, and it didn’t even have a name

I had endured with standing nails in innermost part of my heart

I can get the shape and the sound if I can touch and check

I always found the words which I wanted to convey

Footprints that draw a distorted line without interruption if you look back

It is sad and easy to understand. It always stretch towards here.

I’m not good at cherishing but I know that it is important

At the very least that white letter will arrive correctly

It’s not too much thinking. I’m in that darkness

I’m just looking for the next footstep with courage

Let the light of the shining feathers go with your voice

To where that foot should go. To the future that would otherwise have been invisible

It is better than anyone to know that you did not give up

One by one of the words that flapped, and I wish it will surely arrive

Again and again with crayons as you like

Again with your favorite color then it’ll be transparent

Once again in this world with crayons

Now it can be turned into magic

Oh, why, why, repeatedly, and still continue

The innermost part of my heart, tears are flames, and it’s time to face each other

Get shape and sound if I can touch and check

Your words have always been looking for you

I found it that way


Protruded from buzz of purpose and reasons

The place of the time which is hard to give a name

Like a paper airplane

Jumped in

I was just seeing the color changing of the sky

I heard it far away

Howling and brake

Sit down across a bottle of coke

Speak all you want

Keep quiet all you want

Traced ambiguous melody together

I don’t think that I have nothing to want to do

When I tried to remember that

there are just smiles and sigh

Hey you, maybe

It’s ok to be being lost

We can go whether we want

You already knew, and I already realized

We are in a ending magic

Repetition of usual days that similar to yesterday

Shaved off times little by little secretly

Beyond the blink

Overlooked many things

And pretended overlooking

It was so close

But I couldn’t touch it

Something that in the back of joking and silence

I hid a key, rounding receipt, and troublesome real feelings in my pocket

Waited shutter without moving

Lined up in front of lens

It was so fun,

Cunningly, and so dazzling

And now

Standing in the future which is not imagination

I got same injury as usual

On the fist

In the unmoving views

We are watching us

Be surrounded by buzz of purpose and reasons

Remember and get used to

Doing my best

I felt like hearing that

Howling and brake

Traced ambiguous melody by myself

All things that are unable to show by words

Like a paper airplane

Stared up by me and you at the time

I threw it to the world beyond the lens

Standing in the future which is not imagination

Even though accumulating just my yesterday

Under the yesterday

In the unchanging views

It is connected here

It’s ok to be being lost

We can go wherever we want

You were smiling

Me either

To the outside of ending magic

To the future of where I’m in


I was in the storm when I realized

And didn’t know the way to home

So I held an empty bag tightly which only the smell of memory is packed

In the rain and wind that takes time

I got out of sight and I couldn’t not hear it

Only the body worked automatically

I desperately protect my breast which about to cry

Cause it seems to disappear when I stop

So I hide my heart with pain

Cause it seems to be sucked in when I turn around

Just repeating now with cowardly nails and fangs

All of life is shouting for just being here

A thought made with tears becomes a force to connect this breath

After I lost a lot

There is one remaining, strong remained

The voice is like a shooting star

Jump into ears one by one and glow

Get together like a fish

I got a sunshine on my cold chest

I knew that the aurora is spreading

Suddenly my eyes met with the insects at my feet and laughed

I met footsteps that were not my own

That voice showed me all

Because I don’t know how to touch normally

To the hand that touched when I was perplexed

How much passing through the night

The heat that has not been cooled far hit a pulse

It’s just you are here

But all of life are shining

To the frozen heart

That beating sounds and lights a fire

I still cannot get that

But to your side, be the closest

The empty bag is still empty

Increasing dear weight

I got scared when it got heavier

I hugged not to crush

Grab a grasping hand

The cowardly nails and the fangs cut through the darkness

All of life is shouting for just being here

To be able to protect it properly

I was born with a body that was made

Words which beyond tears

Reach from that beat and become courage

Just you are here

Ah, it’s still warm

After I lost a lot

There is one remaining, strong remained

Not leaving, always on your side

In my heart, it’s the closest


Why I cannot say simple words

But why you can understand that without my words

Even though I forget the sky which we saw together, I’ll remember the thing that I was with you

If you are a flower, it’s not so different from the others

But I picked the one

There is a song just I can sing

And only you are able to hear that

I am here because you were here

I put a song here because we put it together

I borrowed the power of living, so I have to return it before I die

Please remind it when you forget tears and smiles

Faced same difficulties

So just you can sing this song

An just I am able to hear that

Everyone want to see someone, and everyone are waiting for someone

If you have the one that you want to see, the one waits for you

Every time

Just for me and you

Someday, please remind it when you forget tears and smiles

I picked the one without hesitation

There is the one who are waiting for just me

There is the one who just waiting to see you

以上、BUMP OF CHICKEN の曲の英訳でした。




ライブレポート!BUMP OF CHICKEN, 米津玄師, moumoon, ALEXANDROS, 安室奈美恵


BUMP OF CHICKENの曲たちを強くオススメします^^

I strongly recommend BUMP OF CHICKEN, so please check it out if you are interested in them.