I tried to translate YUKI’s songs to English.

I like her song because I’m able to be positive after listening them!!

I wish this translation helps you to know the meaning of Yuki’s song.


I want to hear your voice.

I want to feel in the body than my heart.

Wherever we are one.

Because it’s only one, we’re always together.


I missed my encounter a lot.

I couldn’t do goodbye well.

What’s the continual thing of that song

I feel like clutching even at straws.

Even if you have a hand in hand or back to back,

it sounds like “I love you” by our hell ears.

I wish to share with new you.

Please be naked and let hear the chest chime, and ring it in morning.

I didn’t have something to “lost”.

But increase the things of ” I want to protect” when I realized.

Suddenly you appeared in my world,

and you taught me that tears come out even though I’m happy.


I’m not young and old

But my heart pounding noisily

What is the definition of impossible?

I want a reward.

Even for a lonesome love and for a finger,

It sounds like “alright” by our hell ears.

I want to understand noisy you.

When I look back, there is my way to dance

Full of rubbish that a tired white shirt is swallowed.

If you jump high from the ground at Intersection,

Don’t be afraid, get on the new born wind.

Good morning


I always talk about things suitably

Yes, No

There are things that are neither

The world makes me happy every time

Please have fun with me when it stops moving

I want to afford to live

wanna keep a promise

It’s really easy to love someone

It flows a lot all the way to far

It is likely to forget precious memories

*I want to see you certainly

I want to stay by a hundred years ahead

No matter how far apart

The spell that connects us is JOY*

Remember me the day when the oak free shakes

I always talk about things suitably

Destiny is not made by necessarily but accidentally

I don’t know why no matter how long times passes

wanna break promises

Sometimes it’s really hard to love someone


I want to get Doki-doki until I die

I want to get Waku-waku until I die





I tried to translate Kenshi Yonezu’s songs to English.

I wish it helps you to understand the meaning of the songs.


I remember the water’s edge which I looked around

There are words that are chipped on the sand and the sight of your back

The waves come to my feet and dredge something

In an evening calm, just sunset passes over

Watched the fireworks which are lighting and blooming

Maybe, summer hasn’t finished yet

Penetrate a vague heart to bond

I hoped this night continues

How many times can I see the fireworks with you

How can I do to the smiling face

Get hurt and be pleased like repeating waves and emotions

Feel impatience by sound of the last train

I’ll call you again and again

Choose the waves one more time

Never ever need not feel sad

When I catch my breath, maybe the light so as to disappear still live in my heart

To stretch my hand and touch the warm future

And it’s seeing us secretly

Fireworks are

blooming at night

They are blooming at night

and gone out quietly

Don’t let me go (don’t leave me)

Just a little more

Just a bit more, please be here as it is

I remember the water’s edge which I looked around

There are words that are chipped on the sand and the sight of your back


I’m a old electric lamp in the middle of a desert

A hole in the sky, and light can be seen at night

The place on the frozen sand where the grave markers to stand in a row

Drew deep into the lungs in by breathing

Will someone please look for me

and cut off one lonely night

I illuminate to far away end of the earth every time

I’m a old electric lamp be covered with dust

There is an unfamiliar necklace on the edge of withered well

This place had changed city to a desert without noticing

It’s an illusion of bustling long past

Will someone please find me

Take me to the blue blue sea

I light up to keep to escape from sweet smells every time

★I’m looking for that even now

Because I’m a star shining on the earth

I twinkle for you who is still unseen even though nobody knows me

I’m looking for that even now

Because I’m a lamp living in the dark

Still having injury that impossible to take away,

the lamp sets out on a trip and sings a song

I really want to see you★


How good was it if it was a dream

I still see you in my dream

Like to go back to pick up what I forgot

Remove old dust from memories

Lastly you taught me that there is happiness that will not come back

I couldn’t tell my dark past

And it’ll be dark forever without you

I know that I don’t be hurt any more

Even the sorrow and the suffering of that day

Loved everything with you

Smell of bitter lemon that will not leave in my chest

Can’t go back to home until the rain stops

You are still my light

Traced your back in the dark

And I remember the contour clearly

When we want too much to accept

Only tears are overflowing

What did you do, and what did you see

With a profile I do not know

If you are overflowing with tears in loneliness like me

Please forget about me

I sincerely wish for such a thing

Cause you are still my light

Much more than I thought

I was in love with you

Since then I can not breathe well

I was close to you

But it’s like a lie

It’s unforgettable

That’s certain

That’s certain


Like one of the cut fruits

You are still my light







I translated Taichi Mukai’s song.

His music is always so cool and fashionable.

You can hear his songs through YouTube, so please check it out!


Wake me up

To bring out a slight sweat and added to the heat in the humid air

What’s Going On?

Where are you?

Groped as I could I’m ready to go right now

I must get away from here right now

I’m ready to go right now

Where should I go, let’s run away again

Beyond the high-looking sky

The untraceable please even the sun

This place is unsuitable to me

Let’s fly off to that higher in place

You don’t care

It’s like ready to lose it

What’s going on?

It looks like nightmare that the condition of being endless

I’m ready to go right now

I reached out my hand to back right now

I’m ready to go right now

Wherever I want, I can fly off again

Beyond the high-looking sky

The unreachable please even the sun

Nobody cannot bother me

Let’s fly off to that higher in place

To continue forever and almost reaching



At a ticket barrier on clear Sunday,

there are people who are waiting somebody to begin to color

I feel like going somewhere further away

which is a place I can see the sky

If I can fly in the clouds,

hug me please in the sky

Are you still angry with me?

because I couldn’t be obstinate

If I can see you again someday,

Please kiss me without saying it’s gonna be the last

If I can see you only in dream

please hold me till the dawn

I waked up with eyes full of tears on Monday morning

Then I prepared in a hurry

I’m still waiting in the blue sky just like that time

I want you to pick me with a smile when summer flowers fall

Because you are pure and having a misunderstanding,

put talky me to silence

We both got injured, so

please draw me closer without words

If I can see you again someday,

I want you to annoy me one more time

If I can see you only in dream

please hold me till the dawn

I know that I’m greedy,

but kiss me please without saying it’s gonna be the last

If I can see you only in dream,

don’t fade away the soar stars



This town with a rosy flush is too much beautiful

A weaking in my heart is likely to get moving

The road which I go without stopping is too long

I’m afraid of losing my decision

A dim face reflected, but I couldn’t see anything

It’s enough to think “Things are not all but”

If I’ll cry tomorrow, I say here now “We have a bad day”

Even though it was transitory which was outlined and faded

I stumbled and fell, then I cried in a loud voice

 I think I was good at exercising patience

A confident remark which I threw is came back to this figure

It echoed painfully and cheer myself up one more time

If I will break a vow easily that I made today,

 I suppose to blame myself about why I cannot do that

 But I may make a same vow

And I guess that that’s me

Cry honestly and laugh honestly

Frolic honestly and envy honestly

Get angry honestly and lose honestly

By doing so, having my way

If I will smile tomorrow,

I say here now “I’m pleased” and “Good for you”

Cry, laugh, laugh, cry, and laugh

It’s just right





















I watched animation of ” Card Captor Sakura” when I was little.

I felt like that I grew up with it.

I liked Sakura so much, and when I watched it few years ago, I could enjoy watching again.

So this animation is not only for children but adults.

I recommend it strongly.

Opening songs and Ending songs are good too.

The best song for me is ” plachina”

I translated it to English


I’m a dreamer, a hidden power

In my world,

There are dreams, loves, and fear

But a thing which is hardly to imagine must be hidden

I’m looking at you directly like trees to the sky

★I wanna find and grant that

Just trust and

There isn’t a thing which is unable to get over

Like singing and miracles

“Wish” changes everything

Maybe you’ll be surprised

I’m a dreamer, a hidden power

part of the world which are still unseen

Even though something is waiting

If that is different from ideals, I’ll not be afraid

Birds take a journey on the wind

From today to tomorrow

I wanna convey and scream

I’m only one existence in this world

Like praying and stars

It’s a tiny light but someday

I wanna be stronger more and more

I have unlimited possibilities in my hands

It’s gonna be your world







I tried to translate Sakurako Ohara’s song.

This song makes me sad, but the song is so beautiful. That’s why I like the song so much.


Suddenly I started to sing

Also kissed to you

I have to say sorry to you many times

I’m afraid of losing

So I tend to tell lies

But I wanted to be myself in front of you

Even if you cast a shadow on your light because of my presence

I want you to continue to light someone

It doesn’t matter I’m here or not

You have to shine here

You have to shine here

I wish I laugh and cry with you more and more

I noticed the honest feelings now

I’m thinking of you every time

I’m looking for you

I want to hear your voice

Now, right here

Your smiles take me from the darkness

But my profile could your smile

It doesn’t matter you are here or not

I can’t be here anymore

I grabbed a dream

Now I’m chasing that

I believe that I can reach that

Even though now

You are tied up in reality and you are stuffy

Certainly the dawn comes

I hope this song of my heart will gently press your back

Because I can’t say what I want to tell

Your smiles take me from the darkness

Someday my smile should be synchronized with your smile

This miracle that you and I met

I have gratitude from my heart

Someday I wish this song reach to you

Somewhat love song




YouTubeとLINE LIVEで無料のアコースティックライブが生配信されるのですが、








I translated moumoon’s songs to English.

I love moumoon sooooo much.

At nights of Fullmoon, they do FULLMOON LIVE which is acoustic lives through YouTube and LINE.

Their lives are so cool. I strongly recommend moumoon to others.


It’s fun but bitter

when I’m with you

Look up the summer sky

and there is only one thing to make a wish

I can’t stop lovin’ you, but you don’t even know.

I’m afraid of crying because of unrequited love, so I can’t say that

I wanna be the one that you love.

I wish I can be next to you every time

I know it is one-sided love.

I want to reduce the unchangeable distance

but now this is fine like this just little more

It was late at night and feeling chilly

Sights to the starry sky

glittered from there on

a ray of shooting star

I make a wish for your love, then I look up the sky.

I felt like the possibility of some miracles

I wanna be the one that you love.

cannot stop buzz and palpitations

I know it is one-sided love.

Will something change if I say that I love you

But I’m cowardly a little bit

Like the moon catch a glimpse through the clouds

I just to sound your views

If you gaze at the same sky

wish the sky was full of stars only so many beloved things

I wanna be the one that you love.

Even though it will be unrequited love

Still my sweet heart

I knew it was one-sided love.

I want to know how you feel, please

I wanted to be more like someone who’s so close to you,

and be with you.

Rather than wishes but by this voice

Looking at your eyes and

I will tell you that I love you…

I’m Scarlet

Fall down ostentatiously, and it hurts

It’s ok to cry until rising up

A tear fall with hiding my weakness, them I wipe off bitterness

Dressing my hair tightly and look forward gently

I just cannot stop, all I need to do is just going

I just cannot stay, unable to escape from here

I’m just looking for Ah Ah Ah, I decided to break into a run barefoot

I just cannot stop, covers tears with my hands

I just cannot stay, it’s useless to behave like a spoiled child

I’m just looking for Ah Ah Ah, I cannot lose without challenging

I’m smiling and it’s the right decision

Because no one wants sadness

Mirror, mirror please pull out insanity from me

I don’t want to see a face like a lost ever again

I just cannot stop, break out of my shell

I just cannot stay, for overcoming

I’m just looking for Ah Ah Ah, despair shines my strong belief

I’m just cannot stop, still seeing darkness

I just cannot stay, catch a ray

I’m just looking for Ah Ah Ah, embrace it to protect from cooling down

What I am doing here? What do I stand for? If I gave up everything

I am unacceptable to be here anymore, but I Ah

I am unacceptable to be here anymore

I looked for a thing of my own

I don’t care about that sort of thing anymore.

There is a color to ooze out

I won’t change myself

I just cannot stop, still burning red

I just cannot stay, still shedding tears

I’m just looking for Ah Ah Ah, I cannot lose without challenging


When the flowers blooms, what color does your heart dye?

I wish it is the gentle color of cherry blossoms which we used to see together.

A white moon floats in the blue sky

I’m reflective, I’ll stop

I’m praying of laughing

I will walk out again

The roads of the two extend to each other if you let go my hand

I will not finish every moment I spent with you

I won’t forget, so now I’m breaking the chains of time

I swear on my chest to fly and not to turn around anymore

I’m not scared because we can get stronger each time we take a step

Let’s see again, there is bonds of never ending

Let up pick the light

Be yourself

Yesterday you were crying in my dream

I called for a little worry

I decided to call again without leaving the answering machine well

I wanna see you

The same time is not repeated even for 1 second.

So let’s run through, so two people break the chain of time.

Say your feelings out loud

If you are close with tears

Hug and warm each other

I wanna stay honest, Ah


Will You?

I thought it was a miracle when I found you

It’s like I can do anything

Almost reaching a star, draw a rainbow by a fingertip

the pupil of eyes seem to inhale everything

It’s ok in an instant, so I want to see the world which you are seeing

★Will you love me forever

Your brilliance of sunlight

wriggle and stir in my cold heart I think I’ll be crazy

Will you love me forever

Your glitter like thunder

blush me to rainbow-color

I don’t care what will I do to be with you

Love me forever I know you will★

I had an illusion that I’m beautiful when I was with you

I felt like looking at a mirror

But the next moment, I have to know what a ugly I am

Will you love me forever

I want to own your brilliance of sunlight,

and I’m seized of that, so

Will you love me forever

Your glitter like thunder is

too dazzling that’s why I close my eyes

Please don’t be apart, let’s go to a far-off

The moon like a bow

has been chasing us wherever we go

Please let us go

I wish we could go to a place which nobody is gonna find us

far away, somewhere, far

Will you love me forever

Won’t you please your glitter like thunder

slip through me

and wish not to go out

Oh love me forever

I know you will



最高に格好いい4人組♡BUMP OF CHICKEN歌詞英訳